11 Jun, 2021 15:00 am

Hunter Biden Was Middleman Between Ukrainians And Democratic Lobbyists Currently Under Investigation

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Biden and colleagues at the private equity firm Rosemont Seneca helped Burisma Holdings hire Blue Star Strategies, a firm owned by former Clinton administration officials Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano.Biden's emails show he played a bigger role than anyone had known in arranging Blue Star's consulting work for Burisma.Neither Biden nor the Blue Star founders registered their work under the Lobbying Disclosure Act or the Foreign Agents Registration Act.Biden's work as a middleman could also explain why federal prosecutors began scrutinizing Blue Star's work for Burisma.

-Free Beacon According to Politico, federal prosecutors began investigating whether Blue Star during its probe into Hunter's taxes, and have been looking into whether the company violated foreign agent laws by failing to disclose their work for Burisma - including meeting with US government officials to advocate on behalf of the Ukrainian company whose president.Burisma hired Blue Star in late 2015 to try to kill bribery investigations into Burisma's owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, a former minister of ecology and natural resources.

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