08 Jun, 2021 19:30 am

How Will A 15% Global Minimum Tax Impact S&P500 Earnings?

How Will A 15% Global Minimum Tax Impact S&P500 Earnings?
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Now that it's confirmed that G7 officials are seeking to enacted a global minimum tax rate of at least 15% (which however is unlikely to be uniformly implemented, and may not even pass in the US where Reuters reports that Senate Republicans have rejected Janet Yellen’s G7 deal), the question on investors' minds is what impact will such a policy - if ever implemented - will have on corporate earnings.Answering this question, Goldman's Ben Snider estimates that such a policy would have a small aggregate impact on S&P 500 earnings, noting that "the direct impact of a 15% global minimum tax on US corporate profits would depend on which other tax reforms, if any, become legislation later this year.We Specifically, Snider says that in his estimates a 15% minimum tax - in the context of a larger tax plan - would represent a headwind of less than 1% toS&P 500 earnings.To be sure, a minimum tax rate would have a larger impact absent other tax reforms, especially if implemented on a country-by-country basis as suggested by the G7 agreement.

However, Goldman estimates that a 15% global minimum tax rate would represent downside of just 1%-2% relative to current consensus S&P500 2022 EPS estimates." The tax plans proposed by President Biden even prior to his 2020 election included a15% minimum book tax for US companies along with hikes to the tax rates on both domestic and foreign income.

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