23 Dec, 2020 14:00 am

How to Thank Donors During a Crisis

How to Thank Donors During a Crisis
Fundraising experts share nine ways to show appreciation, stay in touch with, and even inspire greater giving from supporters amid the pandemic.

For example, in the early weeks of the pandemic, some nonprofits were taking longer than usual to thank their direct-mail donors because the staffs couldn’t go to the office and open mail as regularly, Sargent says.“I would recommend every single nonprofit try to go to their website and make a test donation and watch what happens,” Sargent says, “because a lot of times you can identify cracks in the armor there.(Getting supporters to communicate with you on more than one channel can lead to greater giving and loyalty, Sargent says.Sargent says some of the people who give for the first time during the pandemic may be “crisis donors” — those who are moved to give in response to great need.

“That’s pretty quick and easy to do right now for a small staff,” Sargent says.” It’s vital to do this as urgently as you ask for support, Wester says.

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