11 Jan, 2021 19:45 am

How to Navigate Corporate Giving in 2021

(Wall Street Journal — subscription) More than 20 former employees of United Way have added their voices to the chorus of sexual misconduct and discrimination allegations against the organization.In a letter to the chairs of the United Way USA and United Way Worldwide boards, the women write anonymously that they experienced, were aware of, or witnessed "discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation for reporting such issues.United Way has hired a law firm to conduct a review of its culture, but none of the women involved who were contacted by HuffPost said they had been interviewed.(HuffPost) More News How the Rockefeller Foundation's Raj Shah Is Leading the Covid Fight (New York Times) Kamala Harris Dissolving PACs, Giving Money to Charity (San Francisco Chronicle — subscription) D.

Veterans Charity Works to Clean up City After Attack on Capitol, Denounces Insurrection (WUSA) Covid Billionaires Should Help Starving People, Says Charity Boss (Guardian) Arts and Culture Fauci Suggests Theaters Could Reopen ‘Sometime in the Fall’ (New York Times) The Obama Fellow Who Wants to Transform Rural America Through Theater (Washington Post)January 11, 2021 Share Twitter Email Show more sharing options Twitter Email Copy Link URL Copied!

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