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How Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Stays Motivated

How Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Stays Motivated
Despite becoming the youngest-ever Olympic figure skating gold medalist at the age of 15, Lipinski has never lacked motivation.

Tara Lipinski became a household name in 1998 when she became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in the history of figure skating.Instead, Lipinski found success after the Olympics skating professionally on tour and is currently a figure skating analyst for NBC Sports.Even after getting off the ice for the last time, the same factors that drove her to succeed in figure skating have helped her in her professional career, Lipinski tells CNBC Make It.There's really no way around that," Lipinski says.

" Lipinski says she decided she wanted to be a commentator in the late 2000s while watching the world championships on TV, knowing full well that there were other commentators like Peggy Fleming and Scott Hamilton who were already established "in their positions for 20-plus years."I like to succeed and I like to figure things out.

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