The Examiner 14 Jan, 2021 03:00 am

How Missouri reps voted on President Trump’s 2nd impeachment

How Missouri reps voted on President Trump’s 2nd impeachment
They voted the same way they did last time.

Watch Video: Impeachment #2: What it means for President Trump When the U.House voted to impeach President Trump for the first time 13 months ago, one could tell how Missouri representatives voted by the letter next to their name.“We shouldn’t be wasting millions of tax dollars on a last-minute snap impeachment that won’t even be finished before President Trump leaves office," he said., will not call the chamber back into session before Trump leaves office next week, prompting unresolved debate about Congress’ authority over Trump once he is no longer president.

Things were no different Wednesday when the Democrat-led House impeached the president again, this time charging him with inciting violence against the nation by riling up people who stormed the U.“We, as a nation, cannot allow for an outgoing President to incite violence on the nation’s Capitol Building in an effort to overturn a free and fair election,” he wrote in a statement posted to social media.

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