How Many Fast Food Restaurants Are In Idaho?

11 Jul, 2018 23:00
There definitely isn't a shortage of variety when it comes to fast food options in Idaho. But there may not be as many fast food restaurants as you think.
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Fast Food Restaurants via Datafinity Datafinity crunched numbers and they say they in Idaho we have only 3.8 fast food restaurants per 10,000 residents.

That would mean that in Twin Falls where the latest population numbers put us at about 48,000 residents.

But assuming they are right in their numbers and the current population of all of Idaho is 1,753,860 - then there are only 666 fast food restaurants in Idaho.

Either way though it seems like that isn't very many restaurants to me but my coworkers think it sounds about right.

Do you believe there are only that many fast food restaurants in Idaho or are they missing a bunch of many local, smaller chain, or new ones?

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