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How high is child poverty in the UK?

How high is child poverty in the UK?
A new study has found that 2.2 million families in the UK with one child under five are living in poverty

2 million families with one child under five are in poverty.The report, which draws on more than 100 studies and other sources, found that there had been a “sustained increase” in child poverty since 2013-14, largely due to changes in the benefits system.The UK has high levels of regional inequality, so some parts of the country are more blighted by child poverty than others.North-east England has seen the sharpest spike in child poverty in recent years, with the region’s child poverty rate rising from 26 per cent to 37 per cent - an increase of more than a third.

London, however, has a child poverty rate of 38 per cent - the highest in the UK.The Nuffield Foundation says a number of factors have contributed to the increase in child poverty over recent years.

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