28 Jan, 2021 18:15 am

How effective is the Valneva vaccine?

How effective is the Valneva vaccine?
VALNEVA vaccine manufacturing began in Scotland today, putting the UK within reach of a fourth jab to aid already successful inoculation efforts. How effective is the Valneva vaccine?

Valneva vaccine: Valneva started manufacturing its phase I/II candidate today READ MORE Boris to cave to EU: No10 hints Britain could ship Covid jabs to bloc Scientists can take months between phase two and phase three before they deliver results.Valneva vaccine: Current vaccination rates in the UK Thomas Lingelbach, Chief Executive Officer of Valneva, praised his team in Scotland as manufacturing began.Manufacturing starts - EXPLAINER Asda coronavirus vaccine: Stores now offering Covid jabs - full list - INSIGHT Valneva vaccine: Valneva has a development base in Scotland READ MORE Ruth Davidson savages Sturgeon's slow vaccine rollout 'No excuse!Valneva, a French biotechnology company with a base in Scotland, started manufacturing its vaccine candidate today.

"Our team in Scotland have done an amazing job to get manufacturing started so quickly.How effective is the Valneva vaccine?

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