9news.com 23 Sep, 2020 06:00 am

How California’s teachers hope to avoid 60,000 layoffs

How California’s teachers hope to avoid 60,000 layoffs
As California teachers are stretched thin are leaning on unions to make online classes work, is this the new beginning or the end of schools as we know it?

” Instead, the union and allies like the California Federation of Teachers and Service Employees International Union are hoping to build on many successful distance learning negotiations to lobby for new taxes.“There’s always this feeling that you’re doing something wrong,” Suzuki Daniels said, after a breakneck shift to distance learning in March.Now, with distance learning, they also face new versions of old challenges, like tracking down absent students or making sure their own kids are keeping up in Zoom classes.Teachers have been resilient as fires continue to burn, but even the silver lining is dark: “With distance learning, in a way, it’s a blessing that they can probably continue working if they have shelter.

There’s also the question of what the breakneck shift to distance learning could mean longer-term for school funding, hopefully avoiding cuts at schools already struggling to attract new teachers.’” East Bay Teacher Needs is one example of a growing number of grassroots efforts to help keep teachers and students from slipping through the cracks during distance learning.

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