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How Aussie ‘twins’ found each other during incredible holiday

How Aussie ‘twins’ found each other during incredible holiday
A few months after giving birth to her second child, a little boy named Jonty, Jonica Bray’s family-of-four decided to make the most of her maternity leave and experience life in a foreign country.

Picture: Instagram Despite her initial reaction, Jonica couldn’t get this other little boy out of her head.Picture: Instagram While Jonica’s husband, Clint, was initially filled with trepidation about the adoption and all the red tape it might entail, he eventually came around to Jonica’s way of thinking, and in October 2017, baby Hendry spent his first night with his new mum and dad.Picture: Instagram “He was seven months old,” says Jonica, “which means once his basic needs were met, he was quite easily able to transfer his attachment.Picture: Instagram.

Picture: Instagram.Little Jonty and Hendry may not look like twins but their unlikely story shows that appearances aren’t always what they seem.

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