22 Mar, 2021 06:15 am

Hopes Crown Apology Is The Start Of System Change In Our Prisons

Hopes Crown Apology Is The Start Of System Change In Our Prisons
Minister of Corrections Hon Kelvin Davis has just issued a public apology to Mihi Bassett, Karma Cripps and other women for harm caused to them in prison, alongside a scathing letter to the Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections. This comes ...

Executive Director of Amnesty International Aotearoa New Zealand Meg de Ronde said an apology was the first step.It is vital that this moment ushers in a new era of transparency across New Zealand’s prison system." p NEW ZEALAND POLITICS Gordon Campbell: On Why Re-defining “Terrorism” Won’t Make Us Any Safer All very well to talk about “modernising” our terrorism legislation (hey, it was written back in 2002 in the wake of 9/11) in order to target violent white nationalist groups.This comes after sustained advocacy by Amnesty International and others in civil society, investigative journalism, multiple OIA requests, and a stinging ruling from district court judge David McNaughton over Corrections’ inhumane and degrading treatment of people in prison (and multiple violations of their own rules; an Operational Review and multiple other reports outlining serious issues), and the Attorney General getting involved.

"Last week Amnesty International brought a group of experts to meet directly with the Minister to discuss longstanding concerns."It shouldn’t take the bravery of these women coming forward under horrific circumstances, a 5,500 strong petition, numerous civil society concerns being denied or ignored, and multiple Corrections reviews pointing to a punitive culture to shed light on this case.

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