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Here's Why This Beaten-Down Dividend Stock Is a Buy

Here's Why This Beaten-Down Dividend Stock Is a Buy
The stock of the most dominant asset manager in the world has tumbled recently due to the broader market's downturn.

8% plunge in performance fees during the quarter, this explains how total revenue fell 6.Due to expenses falling more slowly than total revenue, BlackRock's non-GAAP net margin plummeted 870 basis points year over year to 24.As financial markets recover (as they always eventually do), this will act as a coiled spring to propel the company's total revenue and adjusted diluted EPS higher.Furthermore, BlackRock's non-GAAP (adjusted) diluted earnings per share (EPS) slumped 29.

That's why analysts believe that the company's adjusted diluted EPS will grow 6.But this has arguably created a great buying opportunity for income investors.

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