Stars and Stripes 22 Dec, 2020 22:30 am

Hampton Roads waits for word on shipbuilding from Biden

Hampton Roads waits for word on shipbuilding from Biden
It may be a while before anyone in Hampton Roads knows what the incoming Biden Administration thinks about Navy shipbuilding.

ANALYSISHampton Roads waits for word on shipbuilding from Biden In an October, 2020 photo, the Virginia-class submarine Montana (SSN 794) is successfully transferred from a construction facility to a floating dry dock at Newport News Shipbuilding division in preparation for its launch.MATT HILDRETH/HII NEWPORT NEWS, Va.The Navy’s thinking about the next three decades has led it to push to step up the pace of construction of Virginia class submarines, which are built by a team of Newport News Shipbuilding and General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard in Connecticut.Newport News is taking on a larger share of this work, as Electric Boat takes a lead for the two-shipyard team in building another top DoD priority, the new Columbia-class ballistic missile submarines.

” The Trump administration plan would maintain the nuclear carrier fleet at 11, but also floated the idea of a new type of carrier — a smaller one, and with that a possible reduction of as many as three ships from the carrier fleet, which now provide multi-billion-dollars worth of new construction and overhaul work for Newport News Shipbuilding.Wittman said there’s general consensus that the Navy needs 11 nuclear carriers, which should maintain the pace of work for Newport News.

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