World Socialist Web Site 03 Apr, 2021 04:30 am

Growth in class struggle in the US pits workers against the trade unions

Growth in class struggle in the US pits workers against the trade unions
The treachery of what is falsely called the “labor movement” is one of the chief factors behind the scale of the death and suffering of the pandemic.

There are a number of expressions of a significant growth of the class struggle in the United States, which pose fundamental questions of perspective for the working class.Every struggle of the working class raises directly the reactionary role of the corporatist trade unions, including the AFL-CIO in the US, which serve to suppress the class struggle and, when they cannot avoid a strike, to isolate and defeat it.They fear a movement of the working class not least because it would threaten their own financial interests.Under conditions of growing commercial and military conflict between the US and its rivals China and Russia, the unions are viewed as a means of tying the working class to the capitalist state and its war preparations.

The attack on the PATCO workers was preceded by an agreement from the AFL-CIO that it would oppose any broader mobilization of the working class to defend them.The expansion and unification of the struggles of the working class requires the formation of rank-and-file factory and workplace committees, completely independent of the pro-capitalist trade unions.

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