12 Mar, 2021 02:00 am

Greater Wellington Welcomes Auckland Half Price Fare Trial For Community Services Card Holders

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March 12, 2021 Politics, PressRelease, Supercity Comments Offp Press Release – Greater Wellington Regional Council Greater Wellington has welcomed news of an Auckland trial which will see around 200,000 community services card holders receive half price fares on public transport.Daran Ponter, Chair of Greater Wellington, says the regional council is working with the Government to bring the trial to the Wellington Region.“We’ve put a proposal to Government to bring a similar trial to Wellington.It’s likely that any trial in Wellington would follow the same model with any lessons learned along the way incorporated.

7 million more public transport trips in Auckland in its first year, helping to ease congestion and reduce emissions.It’s rare that one initiative can have so many good outcomes so the Government and ourselves just need to get on with how we can roll it out here,” says Chair Ponter.

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