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Great escapes: Favorite games of 2020

Great escapes: Favorite games of 2020
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic placed a brighter-than-usual spotlight on gaming in 2020, with an isolated population looking for entertainment they could enjoy from the safety of home. So it worked out well that alongside the year's many maladies, 2020 also delivered some of the most memorable games in recent years.

- Elise Favis A divisive game among gamers and critics, The Last of Us Part II continues the original game's story from Ellie's perspective as she grows into a 19-year-old woman.- Elise Favis Of the first games available on the PlayStation 5, Miles Morales makes a grand entrance, showing off the sheer power of the console with gorgeous ray tracing and graphical fidelity, while also making clever use of directional, 3D audio and haptic feedback.- Elise Favis Sucker Punch Studios must have really studied the open-world games of the last several years before creating this swan song for the PlayStation 4.- Elise Favis Umurangi Generation: If you take the term "game of the year" literally, Umurangi Generation belongs higher up on this list.

- Elise FavisGreat escapes: Favorite games of 2020 Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was easily one of the best games of 2020, especially when experienced on the elusive PlayStation 5 console.

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