21 Sep, 2020 03:30 am

Gratitude goes a long wayGratitude goes a long way

Gratitude goes a long wayGratitude goes a long way
To indulge in appreciation, the possession of the trait of sincerity and its related quality, is a prerequisite. Anybody who appreciates any other person has to firstly jettison himself of any traces of ego, jealousy or envy. The possession and...

The possession and expression of any of these negative traits as an appendage to words of appreciation, renders the appreciation to a falsehood.We refuse to express words of appreciation.” Most colleagues are insatiably hungry for words of appreciation; if that be the case, there is only good worth to say those words or sentences of similar import, rather than hoard them all inside, as supervisors of people.The consistent application of graceful demeanour by colleagues is also taken mostly as granted, because it gets inbuilt into the culture of the entity, hence that’s the least expectation.

However, when an individual is taken for granted, it hurts.Taken for granted!

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