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by Grace Dungey 25 November 2021 A new study published in Lancet Planetary Health reports how localized deforestation and global warming are contributing to an increase in heat-related deaths in Berau, a district in Indonesia’s East… by Grace Dungey 2 September 2021 On a clear night in 2017, a team of students from Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) set out into a lowland forest on the southwest coast of Java, Indonesia’s most… by Grace Dungey, Nick Rodway 7 June 2021 Parrots, inhabiting pan-tropical and temperate regions across the world, are highly sought after as pets due to their attractive colors, calls and clever nature.But some of the trade in… by Grace Dungey 28 February 2020 Remote islands are often held up as vestiges of pristine wilderness.A recent study… by Grace Dungey 13 February 2020 Humanity has depended on the ocean for millennia.Today, however, the rush to the sea is occurring with unprecedented diversity and intensity, propelled by population growth and demand for diminishing… by Grace Dungey, Nick Rodway 21 November 2018 The colors of northwestern Australia are profound.

In stark contrast, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Henderson Island are drowning in piles of plastic.In the build-up to the wet season, the deep shades of bloodwood trees (Corymbia spp.

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