20 Sep, 2020 02:00 am

Govt swings into action as opposition holds APC today

Govt swings into action as opposition holds APC today
The government has also swung into action by warning of legal action if Nawaz Sharif addressed the APC through the video-link

Meanwhile, PPP stalwart Qamar Zaman Kaira said that the APC will chalk out the final plan to oust the “hollow” government.Kaira said that keeping the government’s two-year performance as a “charge-sheet”, the entire country and all political parties “rightfully view” the government to have “failed in every sector”.“Not only have they gone back on all their promises, but they have also in fact, put the country into reverse gear and have snatched away any existing freedoms, making life difficult for citizens,” Kaira said.” Kaira said that the government “can be seen panicking”.

Kaira said the PPP will “perform even better and secure more seats”.” Kaira said that in the past when an APC was held, it was on the issue of Kashmir, or to demand better governance or economic reforms.

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