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GOP blocks Democrats from boosting COVID stimulus checks to $2K

GOP blocks Democrats from boosting COVID stimulus checks to $2K
Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly trashed the move as a Grinch-like move by the GOP.

Republican lawmakers Thursday blocked a Democratic effort to raise the amount of coronavirus stimulus checks to Americans to $2,000, even after President Trump slammed the planned $600 payout and demanded the increase.Trump also slammed some foreign aid provisions in a separate end-of-year spending bill, even though they were actually less than what his own White House had proposed.) refused to give the green light to the move during a brief and unusual Christmas Eve session, leaving America in limbo over when or whether any COVID relief package might pass.“Whether he is in Mar-a-Lago or anyplace else, (Trump) ought to empathize with the pain and suffering and apprehension and deep anger that the American people are feeling this Christmas Eve,” said Democratic leader Rep.

McCarthy said Republicans would counter the higher stimulus check request by demanding that Congress reconsider the foreign aid measures Trump also trashed.“Republicans cruelly deprived the American people of the $2,000 that the President agreed to support,” Pelosi said in a statement.

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