World Socialist Web Site 31 Mar, 2021 01:45 am

Google shuts down a hacking operation being conducted by ally of the US government

Google shuts down a hacking operation being conducted by ally of the US government
Two anti-hacking teams at Google discovered and shut down a cyberespionage operation of a “Western ally” of the US government involved in an undisclosed “counterterrorism” operation.

” O’Neill also wrote that MIT Tech Review “has learned that the hackers in question were actually Western government operatives actively conducting a counterterrorism operation” and that Google’s decision to shut down and publicly expose the hack caused internal divisions and “raised questions inside the intelligence communities of the United States and its allies.In his MIT Tech Review story, O’Neill explains that Google omitted details, such as specifically what country was responsible and who was targeted, as well as “important technical information on the malware or the domains used in the operation.While MIT Tech Review defended Google’s exposure on the grounds that the company has an obligation to customers to protect them from hacking, it also studiously avoided pointing a finger at the specific “Western government” engaged in the malware operation.” Google’s Project Zero specializes in finding what are known among cybersecurity experts as zero-day vulnerabilities, i.

The hacks in question were discovered by Google’s teams as far back as February 2020 and were reported on in a blog post published by Project Zero on March 18.” While Project Zero does not research the source or national origin of the exploits it finds, this is a regular part of the TAG’s reporting.

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