The Western Producer 08 Jun, 2021 16:45 am

Global Markets: Moving towards re-opening Canada/U.S. border

explore Stories from our other publications Manitoba Co-operator markets Farmland has been a solid investment Manitoba Co-operator livestock markets Late-May rainfall welcomed as cattle bids decline Canadian Cattlemen beef cattle Fed cattle finding profitable territory Country Guide cereals Cheers!Among the great many websites that went down were Reddit, Amazon, PayPal, Spotify, Verge, along with CNN, the BBC, the New York Times, the Financial Times, the Guardian and Bloomberg News.– Frustration over the closure of the Canada/United States border has been growing in both countries, just as the Canadian government explores a multi-phase approached to re-opening it.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Monday that only fully vaccinated travelers would be permitted to cross, as the summer tourist season is about to kick-off.

Meanwhile, increases in real wages pointed to a recovery.– Numerous social media, news and government websites came back online on Tuesday after a widespread outage at cloud-based content provider Fastly.

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