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Global coronavirus vaccine updates

Global coronavirus vaccine updates
It was always going to be a very difficult and monumental task for a global vaccine rollout which has very quickly descended into frustration and a ma

For the forex markets, the European Union’s threat to impose a vaccine border between Northern Ireland and the Republic risks reigniting one of Brexit’s bitterest disputes.'' While there is news that Britain is confident its COVID-19 vaccination programme is secure after receiving guarantees from the European Union, the EU’s initial threat to stop vaccines crossing freely from the EU to Northern Ireland will impact sentiment on the pound.The EU has signalled on Friday that it would trigger the clause to stop Northern Ireland becoming a back door for vaccines to enter the UK from the bloc, but ditched the decision after a diplomatic outcry from Dublin and London.Also, the toxic political row over Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit status has been re-opened and the WHO has also criticised the EU’s announcement of export controls.

5 million a day, rather than one million a day.This threat comes during a time where the European commission president Ursula von der Leyen has already faced blame over the relative slowness of the EU’s vaccination programme compared with nations such as the US, UK and Israel.

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