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Give our students the teachers they deserve

Give our students the teachers they deserve
It’s a very simple win-win: Students of color who have a teacher of color are more likely to perform better in the classroom, and teachers themselves benefit from improvements in recruitment and overall job retention.

Unfortunately, today, too many New York students don’t see themselves in their teachers, school leaders, principals or superintendents.Across the state, students of color have become the majority, yet an estimated 80% of New York teachers are white.This trend is particularly acute in the state’s smaller cities and rural areas, with Black and Hispanic students outside of New York’s five largest cities nearly 13 times more likely to have no exposure to a teacher of the same race or ethnicity.Implementing policies to more effectively recruit, certify and retain teachers of color is also necessary for addressing New York’s troubling teacher shortage, which threatens to upend the state’s education system over the course of the next decade.

The numbers are dismal: Enrollment in New York’s teacher education programs have declined by nearly 50% since 2009, and the state is now facing what will be a record-breaking wave of retirements by many of the state’s most experienced educators.New York’s education pension fund projects that up to one-third of New York’s teachers could retire within the next five years, and a recent analysis from SUNY projects that the state will need to hire nearly 200,000 new teachers by 2030.

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