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Gingerbread monolith appears on Christmas in San Francisco

Gingerbread monolith appears on Christmas in San Francisco
Call it the Bake Area.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> Another mysterious monolith appeared in San Francisco on Friday, but this one was a holiday treat: it was made of gingerbread and icing.Numerous San Francisco residents visited the monolith on Christmas Day before the cookie crumbled overnight.A gingerbread monolith stands on Christmas Day on a bluff in Corona Heights Park overlooking San Francisco.(Karl Mondon/AP Photo) Technically, the gingerbread structure was not a monolith because it was made of multiple parts.

(Karl Mondon/AP Photo) “Looks like a great spot to get baked,” city parks department manager Phil Ginsberg to local NPR affiliate KQED.The monolith, set up in Corona Heights Park near the center of the city, collapsed by Saturday morning, local ABC affiliate KGO reported.

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