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Ghislaine Maxwell’s deception doomed second bail bid

Ghislaine Maxwell’s deception doomed second bail bid
Ghislaine Maxwell has not been “fully candid about her financial situation” and her attempts at deception have become more obvious since her arrest, a judge wrote in a decision made public Wednesday.

were woefully incomplete,” Nathan wrote.Indeed, she does not propose to live with him were she to be released on bail, undercutting her argument that that relationship would create an insurmountable burden to her fleeing,” Nathan wrote.Three witnesses will provide detailed and corroborating accounts of the Defendant’s alleged role in enticing minors to engage in sex acts,” Nathan wrote.The decision rejected nearly all of Maxwell’s arguments, including that the evidence against her boiled down to witness testimony about alleged abuse that took place more than 25 years ago.

“She too easily discredits the witness testimony .The judge detailed her reasoning in an unsealed 22-page Manhattan Federal Court decision noting Maxwell claimed after her arrest to have $3.

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