World Socialist Web Site 22 Mar, 2021 01:15 am

Germany: The WISAG business model—spinoffs, layoffs and wage cuts

Germany: The WISAG business model—spinoffs, layoffs and wage cuts
The struggle being carried out by WISAG ground workers at Frankfurt Airport is throwing a sharp light on the antilabour attacks by major corporations during the pandemic and the complicity of the trade unions.

WISAG dismissed some 200 ground workers and 31 airport bus drivers shortly before Christmas and has since laid off an additional 30 workers, including some with severe disabilities.” Following the example of victimized WISAG bus drivers, any Frankfurt workers who resist are punished with a pay cut.He is one of the bus drivers who have not received a wage from WISAG since October, more than five months ago, because he refused to transfer to the new shell company.Terzi described the pressure the company put on the bus drivers to switch to the new temporary employment agency, saying, “Managing Director Michael Dietrich threatened us that he would stop paying our wages if we didn’t move over to the new company.

He eventually took part in the hunger strike along with other affected workers that lasted from February 24 to March 3.” The hunger strike was an extreme experience for the family, he said.

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