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General Josh’s niece recalls horrors of struggle

General Josh’s niece recalls horrors of struggle
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” Ms Nkomo said at some stage she pretended to be dead and some Rhodesian soldiers jumped over her.It was around 5am when I sneaked out of my bedroom hut while my husband and our minor children were still asleep,” said Ms Nkomo.” Ms Nkomo said she decided to join the liberation struggle without informing her husband because she knew he was not going to block her.Ms Nkomo said she was well received in Tsetsebjwe before transport was arranged for them to travel to Francistown.

We were later flown to Zambia along with other freedom fighters,” said Ms Nkomo.” Prior to moving to Mkushi, Ms Nkomo said she first met his uncle Dr Joshua Nkomo who wanted to see her first.

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