24 Dec, 2020 18:45 am

GBP/USD – Time For Brexit-Mania?

GBP/USD – Time For Brexit-Mania?
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Markets Eye Brexit Announcement The anticipation is growing that the UK and the European Union are poised to announce an agreement on Brexit.An agreement on Brexit will be a huge relief on both sides of the Channel, after more than four years of arduous negotiations between London and Brussels.In all the gloom and doom around Christmas in 2020, a Brexit agreement makes for a nice present under the Christmas tree.By Kenny Fisher Forex p www.

com/analysis/gbpusd--time-for-brexitmania-200548903 By Kenny Fisher   |  1 hour ago (Dec 24, 2020 12:24PM ET) In the Thursday session, the British pound continues to rally.GBP/USD Technical p With GBP/USD moving higher, we start with higher resistance levels: GBP/USD tested resistance at 1.

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