22 Dec, 2020 04:00 am

Gains for Nonprofits in the Stimulus Bill

News Nonprofits Win Extended Charitable Deductions and Paycheck Protection Loans in Stimulus Bill However, the loans in the new $900 billion measure that Congress is poised to enact would come with narrower eligibility criteria than in the previous stimulus law.Finance and Revenue Community Foundations Wrestle Over Whether to Accept Government Help With Congress negotiating a renewal of the Paycheck Protection Program, debate may rise anew within community foundation over whether their pursuit of the loans would siphon funds from service-providing nonprofits.News Giving Pledge Adds Stephen Schwarzman, William Gross, and 11 Other Billionaires The Giving Pledge announced Monday that Stephen Schwarzman, William Gross, and 11 other billionaires have committed to giving away at least half their wealth since May of last year, bringing the number who have signed the pledge to 216.December 21, 2020 Share Twitter Email Show more sharing options Twitter Email Copy Link URL Copied!

Giving Most Donors Trust Nonprofits’ Covid Response, Survey Finds The survey also found a correlation between increased giving and those who had more confidence in nonprofits to respond to the pandemic.Letter to the Editor A Call to Philanthropy From the People of the Amazon Rainforest: To Protect the Climate, Invest in Us Indigenous peoples are risking their lives to protect the forests the world needs to maintain a healthy planet.

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