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Ga. GOP Sen. Loeffler dodges questions on $2K COVID stimulus checks

Ga. GOP Sen. Loeffler dodges questions on $2K COVID stimulus checks
Loeffler wouldn’t give a straight answer when a Fox News host asked her if she backs the plan for bigger checks pushed by an unusual alliance of President Trump and Democrats.

That dynamic would force Loeffler and Perdue to come up with much stronger support from voters casting ballots in person next Tuesday.Trump put Loeffler and Perdue in a tricky political position by demanding the increased stimulus checks.Raphael Warnock have both called for a much larger stimulus package, while analysts say Loeffler and Perdue are in a tough spot — they want to keep their #MAGA base happy without looking like they are flip-flopping on their previous fiscally conservative stand.Some hardline supporters are calling on GOP supporters to stay home to punish Loeffler and Perdue for not being more outspoken about overturning Trump’s defeat.

Most Read Trump plans to appear with Loeffler and Perdue at an election-eve rally in conservative northwest Georgia town of Dalton on Monday.Kelly Loeffler Tuesday dodged questions about whether she supports raising the coronavirus stimulus payments while her fellow Republican in the crucial run-off elections backed the $2,000 checks.

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