12 Jan, 2021 22:45 am

Fundraising Campaigns Move Forward Despite Pandemic Disruption

Fundraising Campaigns Move Forward Despite Pandemic Disruption
The pandemic has led to changes in campaign timelines, fundraising priorities, and of course, how fundraisers ask for the major gifts that are critical to helping nonprofits reach ambitious goals. Experts believe some of these changes may stick around in the years to come.

Rubin says the donor told fundraisers there over Zoom that he couldn’t commit to making a gift to the campaign until 2021 because the pandemic had so upended his business.“They felt it was a little insensitive to be asking,” Rubin says.” Nonprofits owe it to their supporters to keep in touch even when times are tough, Rubin says.Fundraisers need to let go of the idea that a campaign will look the same as it would have before the pandemic, Rubin says.

Fundraisers should also expect changes to gift structures, says Rubin, the consultant.The goal was to create a feeling of “a cool kids get-together,” Gable says.

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