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Francis Ngannou details UFC strong-arm tactics

Francis Ngannou details UFC strong-arm tactics
By: Zane Simon
Francis Ngannou recently gave more details and insight into exactly what went wrong with his negotiations with the UFC.

Most notably how, at the end of an 8-fight deal in 2019, the promotion iced him out for nearly a year, rather than letting him complete his contract and negotiate with Endeavor-owned company as a free agent.We have an 8-fight deal, and then I’m here asking for the fight to deliver.” According to Ngannou, by the end of his 8-fight deal he was making somewhere around $100k-$120k to show while headline UFC events.“I didn’t ask for more money because—by the way, the new contract was more money, but I was like, ‘I don’t want more money, just give me the fight, so I can fulfill my obligation and be free.

If it was about more money, I would have signed the contract, because there was more money into those contract and more and more by the time I was getting to the end.But they were holding me captive into that, and now they’re trying to act like I want more money.

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