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Four reasons you're seeing empty grocery store shelves

Four reasons you're seeing empty grocery store shelves
It's barely 2022 and already social media is swamped with pictures of empty grocery shelves - from cream cheese to paper towels, children's juice boxes and cat food. Some of the culprits for this roun

"While there is plenty of food in the supply chain, we anticipate consumers will continue to experience sporadic disruptions in certain product categories as we have seen over the past year and a half due to the ongoing supply and labor challenges," Dudlicek said.Supply chain snarls Supply chain problems are no longer just about shipping containers sitting in ports or out at sea, waiting to be unloaded."We're seeing a lot of restocking and replenishment going on," said Jessica Dankert, vice president of supply chain for Retail Leaders Industry Association.Here are some of the reasons an array of your favorite items may be out of stock at grocery stores.

" In addition to weather delaying the delivery to grocery stores around the country, Baker said bad weather also influences consumer psychology, which played into some items becoming out of stock.More people eating at home A combination of factors from rising inflation to surging omicron cases are prompting households to eat at home more - once again meaning grocery stores are being inundated with shoppers.

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