18 Sep, 2020 06:15 am

Forum, Sept. 18: Championing our local independent bookstores

Championing our local independent bookstoresI’d like to offer a different perspective to Alex Hanson’s piece (“Authors navigate strange chapter: Book releases move from crowded shops to the glow of screens,” Sept. 14). As a novelist with more than 25...

Madeleine Johnson wrote a moving account of the World War I Battle of Belleau Wood in the Perspectives section of the Sept.13 Sunday Valley News (“Why Belleau Wood matters”).The light aircraft carrier USS Belleau Wood saw action in World War II, was semi-retired, but then was reactivated as a French carrier, the Bois Belleau, for the French Indo-China War in 1953.I persuaded my superiors to let a delegation of the Princeton’s junior officers dine as guests of the Bois Belleau and to reciprocate by hosting the French.

We junior officers were impressed.A day or so later, the French junior officers joined us.

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