02 Oct, 2020 09:15 am

Forum, Oct. 2: Working to achieve clarity in District 5 primary vote

Working to achieve clarity in District 5 primary vote I was invited recently by the chair of the Sullivan County Democrats to attend their regular meeting. It was a great opportunity to see that wonderful group of Democrats again, to thank them for...

Have those who receive Social Security benefits, particularly those who put their trust in President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, considered their best interest?In 2016, candidate Trump promised that he would not touch Social Security.Republicans in Congress have continued to avoid making any adjustment to ensure that Social Security can continue to pay out full benefits beyond some moment in the early 2030s.Most of the looming shortfall in the Social Security Trust Fund could be avoided if Congress would extend the Social Security payroll tax to include income beyond the current limit of about $125,000.

Preponderantly no one on Social Security.Trump has issued an executive order to suspend altogether the Social Security payroll tax for the final three months of 2020, removing from the Trust Fund some $100 billion, and he hopes to make that suspension permanent if he is re-elected.

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