14 Oct, 2020 13:15 am

Forum, Oct. 13: Vermont needs these fiscal conservatives

Vermont needs these fiscal conservativesThis year, a vote for fiscal conservatives is in the best interest of all Vermont citizens. Bill Huff (Senate), Samantha Lefebvre (House) and Rodney Graham (House) each recognize the importance of Vermont’s...

In recent months, I have become increasingly aware of how New Hampshire is a microcosm of our nation in terms of the workings of our Legislature and leadership.Likewise, our New Hampshire Legislature could not vote on bills resulting from months of online, bipartisan legislative work.Chris Sununu then flexed his veto muscle, terminating 79 bills written and negotiated for the people of New Hampshire.Was there a great divide in the New Hampshire Legislature this session?

In leadership too, New Hampshire mirrors the U.As the chief of emergency medical services for New Hampshire, Sue Prentiss led a collaborative effort with New Hampshire public safety and public health officials to develop a protocol and training for paramedics to deliver flu vaccinations, starting with H1N1.

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