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Former Parma school board member resigns after arrest

Former Parma school board member resigns after arrest
A Parma City School District Board of Education member has resigned after she was arrested on a charge of forgery last week.

During Thursday's school board meeting, Board President Steve Vaughn said the board had asked Karpus to resign Monday." “If this truly happened, what a selfish and thoughtless act," Vaughn said.” Vaughn said the board fears Karpus’ alleged misconduct will cause irreparable harm to the community’s trust, which the board, school district and staff have spent years rebuilding."My heart is broken for the students of this district," Vaughn said.

Previously, a Parma school board member resigned after being caught in a county corruption scandal in 2009.The Parma Board of Education voted Thursday to accept the resignation of former Vice President Amanda Karpus.

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