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Former gymnasts allege abuse in BC class-action lawsuit

Former gymnasts allege abuse in BC class-action lawsuit
Warning: Details in this story may be disturbing to some readers

As a result, Cline and as many as 20 members thus far are suing Gymnastics Canada, Gymnastics BC and five other provincial-governing bodies, claiming lasting physical and psychological damage.The report says Cline was coached by Vladimir and Svetlana Lashin at Omega after they joined the gym in summer of 2000 for its elite-level programs "under the direction and at the request of Gymnastics Canada.In the years that followed, the Lashins were promoted and honoured through the Gymnastics Canada ranks." The action seeks unspecified punitive and aggravated damages for Cline on behalf of the other class members, past and future costs of health care services, and an order directing Gymnastics Canada and the provincial bodies to implement, apply and follow appropriate governance procedures to prioritize the physical and psychological health of gymnasts.

Cline alleges, as a result of the abuse she was subjected to during training, she continues to suffer from numerous physical and psychological harm and injuries.She started at six, joined Coquitlam's Omega Gymnastics Sports Club at nine, but quit at 14 years old, alleging she and several other teammates were abused by a pair of coaches that joined the Tri-City program — sexually, physically and emotionally.

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