Stars and Stripes 30 Dec, 2020 18:45 am

Florida seniors begin a rush to COVID-19 vaccination sites

Florida seniors begin a rush to COVID-19 vaccination sites
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis begged for patience from anxious seniors waiting their turn to get inoculated against COVID-19, as confusion and frustration arose over the availability of the vaccine among some of the state's most vulnerable.

More than 82% of those who have died from the disease have been older than 65, underscoring the urgency in getting older Floridians vaccinated, the governor said Wednesday.We don't have enough vaccine currently on hand for all 4 million-plus senior citizens in the state of Florida," the governor said during a news conference in Delray Beach."They are going to work through issues, as they have been," the governor said.The facility is one of three in Lee County that has been set up to administer the vaccine, each with an allotment of 800 doses, according to WZVN-TV.

Counties and hospitals have taken different approaches in how they administer the vaccine, prompting confusion, frustration and lines.DeSantis has prioritized Floridians older than 65 to be next in line for the state's stock of vaccine, now that most health care workers and other first responders are protected against the virus that has infected more than 1.

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