The College Fix 06 Jan, 2021 10:00 am

Five reasons you should stand up for your beliefs in college

Five reasons you should stand up for your beliefs in college
Advice from someone who spoke up — and doesn't regret it.

I do not know if she will end up voting Republican, but at least I did my part to make sure my classmates heard arguments in support of limited government.” I am sure that some classmates will even ask for your opinion on a topic when they realize the media or the professor is not giving them the full picture.A frequent question I heard during my time in conservative activism circles concerned whether students should be open about their conservative or libertarian beliefs in college.You’ll find allies: Even if your classmates do not identify as conservative or libertarian, they likely share at least some of your views.

But by respectfully and clearly engaging in class discussions to provide the conservative point of view, you can be the model of what your peers think of when they hear “conservative.You learn how to clearly articulate your point: Standing up for your beliefs and learning how to clearly articulate your point of view will give you practice in how to communicate ideas to others and refine your approach.

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