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Fishermen’s Village, 1980, Punta Gorda

Fishermen’s Village, 1980, Punta Gorda
A laid-back Florida resort built on the former Maud Street City Docks, which at one time house multiple fish houses and an oil-storage facility.

It’s a cluster of mostly wooden buildings that houses more than 30 restaurants, boutiques, a military heritage museum, ice cream shops and 47 upstairs rental/timeshare apartments, all built on a large concrete pier that dates to 1928.My favorites: Harpoon Harry’s, at the end of the pier, providing outstanding views of the harbor, and Old Time Village Ice Cream, which is ideal for people-watching.The complex, especially busy in March and April with parking spaces at a premium, offers shady, breezy public spaces for strolling, eating ice cream, listening to live music and watching others who are doing pretty much the same things.Fishermen’s Village, a half-mile west of downtown Punta Gorda, is an example.

By the late 1970s, the City of Punta Gorda developed Fishermen’s Village with the involvement of radio commentator Earl Nightingale (1921-1989) and local developer Don Donelson.117: Fishermen’s Village, 1980, Punta Gorda

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