Yahoo yahoo.com 26 Nov, 2021 06:00 am

Fisch glad Rockers' schedule is in place

Nov. 26—HIGH POINT — The most notable quirk in the Rockers' 2022 Atlantic League are a lot of home games at the beginning and the end with not so many in the dead of summer. Team president Pete Fisch is just happy to have a full 132-game slate and have it already announced after having no season in 2020 and an abbreviated one in 2021 because of the pandemic. "Considering last year we had 60 ...

"Considering last year we had 60 home games and we weren't sure we'd have that, and this year we have 66 plus an exhibition with Gastonia, and we'll be adding some other baseball events, this feels like our first true normal season," FIsch said recently."It's just the luck of the draw," Fisch said."You never know what the weather is going to be," Fisch said.Fisch said he hopes to fill in the gaps with more baseball, soccer and maybe concerts.

"With the schedule in place, we can start to fill in the other dates," Fisch said."Playing at home early on should give you a competitive advantage since you usually play better at home than on the road," Fisch said.

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