TASS tass.com 27 Sep, 2021 18:15 am

First results of Betuvax-CoV-2 jab clinical trials likely to appear by March — developer

"The first step is to tackle the safety issues, and the second one is to find the correct dosage," CEO of Russia’s Institute of Human Stem Cells Artur Isaev noted

The Russian Health Ministry on Monday approved the first and second stages of clinical trials, the relevant document was published by the authorization register.The clinical trials, which will last until August 31, 2022, are expected to involve 170 volunteers aged from 18 to 60 without chronic diseases.> The final conclusions can be made after the third phase of clinical trials.> Currently, only clinical trials can answer this question.

Russia’s Institute of Human Stem Cells, one of the Betuvax-CoV-2 COVID-19 vaccine’s developers, is likely to receive clinical confirmation of its efficiency in late February-March 2022, according to Artur Isaev, the Founder and CEO of the institute, which developed the jab together with the Betuvax company.The Institute of Human Stem Cells is a Russian biotechnology company, which incorporates several companies active in the area of gene therapy, regenerative medicine, genetic diagnostics, and consultancy.

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