18 Mar, 2021 20:45 am

Finding out about the CBD

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Scoop Let’s Get Wellington Moving confirmed its reputation as a data-gathering organisation with this week’s announcement of another survey.After such enormous input, the last thing we expected was this week’s announcement that it is signing up for a survey by a Danish company to “help prioritise and evaluate future projects.But some of us were surprised to learn that LGWM needs to find out what’s going on in the CBD, after five years when we thought it had been doing just that.Surveyors will be on the streets of central Wellington at the end of the month.

Has LGWM lost track of a survey it carried out in 2019, when it collected information from 1700 people who said what needed to be done in the Golden Mile.Strange to think that the CBD is so unknown to the organisation that is supposed to be fixing it.

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