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Finally, a pro-immigrant epiphany

Finally, a pro-immigrant epiphany
Each day, they go to work in communities across America doing the thankless but essential jobs that someone has to do. They’re harvesting crops, processing and packing meat; stocking shelves in warehouses and grocery stores; delivering food and supplies; building homes; caring for our kids and grandparents. They’re making our lives better and safer.

If immigration does in fact increase in America in the years ahead, we can expect our economy to grow faster, our government fiscal deficits to get smaller and the creation of new businesses — which are responsible for all net new job growth in America — to increase.But in 2020, I hope and believe Americans’ eyes are opening to the truly heroic contributions that immigrants make to every sector and part of our society.We need a more fair, rational and humane system that provides security at the border and for the American people, while also securing the countless and varied contributions immigrants have delivered to this country for generations and will continue to deliver for generations to come.Many of these delivery workers are immigrants, as are so many of the essential workers on farms, in factories and throughout the food industry, who are taking on jobs many Americans don’t want to do.

Almost half of America’s Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children, while countless studies show that immigration tends to increase wages for most workers and that immigrants use fewer welfare and entitlement benefits than native-born Americans.history coincide with increased immigration; no surprise given that a growing population is one of the two essential ingredients (along with productivity) to grow any economy.

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