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Federal judges extend Manhattan U.S. Attorney's term

Federal judges extend Manhattan U.S. Attorney's term
Strauss’ appointment as “acting” U.S. Attorney was set to expire Jan. 15 — five days before Trump leaves office. The judges of Manhattan Federal Court voted unanimously to have her continue in the role through a rarely-used legal authority, the court announced.

xml:space="preserve"> xml:space="preserve"> Cuomo calls on N.Attorney Audrey Strauss, who is overseeing major investigations of President Trump’s cronies, will stay on the job until her successor is nominated by the incoming Biden administration and confirmed by the Senate, the judges of the Southern District of New York announced Tuesday.Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss (Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Strauss’ appointment as “acting” U.“I am deeply grateful for the court’s support and the opportunity to continue serving the people of New York and this country.

Strauss’s office is reportedly investigating Rudy Giuliani in connection with a political corruption investigation involving Ukraine that overlaps with Trump’s impeachment.It is the privilege of a lifetime to lead the women and men of this District as they pursue justice without fear or favor and write the latest chapter in this Office’s proud legacy,” Strauss said in a statement.

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