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Fears could escalate at the weekly opening

Fears could escalate at the weekly opening
What you need to know on Monday, February 1: Investors attention was diverted away from the FX board, amid turmoil in equities. The American dollar be

On a positive note, the number of new coronavirus contagions keeps decreasing globally after peaking at 845K early on January to roughly 500K reported on Saturday.The UK leading immunization may take a turn to the worst, as on Friday, the EU  imposed export restrictions on vaccines after accusing the British- AstraZeneca of favoring its home market, in detriment of its contracts with the EU Australia announced a five-day lockdown in the Pert area amid a new coronavirus case in a hotel worker, those set to quarantine arrivals.Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC gets rejected near $39,000, correction to $32,000 likelyThe frenzy grew as restricting trading borders illegality.

US Treasury yields, however, ticked higher ahead of the close, posting modest gains on the back of generally encouraging US data.The one-shoot from Johnson & Johnson has proven 66% effective in phase three trials, while Pfizer’s CEO  said  that "there is a high possibility that future variants will elude vaccines.

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