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FDNY EMS workers can get COVID vaccine next week

FDNY EMS workers can get COVID vaccine next week
EMS members will be able to receive the Moderna COVID vaccine starting Dec. 23, while firefighters, who are considered essential frontline workers but not essential health care workers, can start receiving it on Dec. 29, says the memo issued to FDNY employees.

Most Read “We are pleased to see they recognize the importance of EMTs and paramedics receiving this vaccine first,” said EMS union head Oren Barzilay said.” Barzilay, who expects about half of his members to seek the vaccine, said many of his members are worried about what would happen to those who have adverse reactions to it.“We implore the city to make a decision on whether our men and women will be covered should they have an adverse reaction to the vaccine,” he said.City EMTs and paramedics can get COVID-19 vaccines starting next week — and firefighters will be able to get their shots the following weeks, according to an FDNY memo obtained by the Daily News.

(John Minchillo/AP) The FDNY is not requiring frontline employees to take the vaccine, but is strongly recommending it.“Even if you have had COVID-19, or have the antibodies, the vaccine is recommended to prevent reinfection.

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